Nia- is a Fitness Fusion        

                of Martial Arts, Yoga and Dance


      Joy of Dance    Power of Martial Arts    Healing of Yoga


Nia Dance Zoom or dance in studio ( with masks)

  contact: for link. 



                          Exercise is the fountain of youth.

                                Joy is a key to longevity.

                           Dance is the connection.

                     Come see what Everyone is smiling about -

       Dance from the inside out. No impact, ex-press emotions

                                    We call it Adult Recess.

            What is Nia?  Non-impact adventure in movement.           

                                    Nia is movement medicine.

            Fitness is the hidden element in this playful dance !


       New York Times quotes  “an emotional fitness odyssey,

                                                    Nia is just plain exhilerating”